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The giveaway is now closed. I’ve used a random generator to pick a winner and I’m very happy to announce that Stephanie is the lucky winner.

This is my first giveaway ever so please bear with me. As a New Years giveaway I will be sending this flower brooch made with bobbin lace using hand spun merino and milk protein. It has a brooch pin on the back and is c. 7cm in diameter. The button in the middle has been decoupaged with the page out of a book.

Lace flower brooch - inspired by Sweet Peas

Since it’s a New Year giveaway I’m not going to ask you why you want this brooch, because honestly, who couldn’t use a little present to cheer themselves up in January. John and I on the other hand have great plans for the year 2011, which I won’t divulge now as it’s a bit too early for that. So I was wondering if any of you have any plans for new things you will be trying in 2011. Learning a new craft, taking up art, doing a course, going on a diet or traveling the world. Whatever it is, I would love to hear about it.

So here’s how you get me to send you this flower brooch all lovingly wrapped in the beginning of January. Before the New Year, you must enter the draw with at least one point. You gain 1 point for commenting below and can gain extra points from doing some of the other things:

  1. You can comment below and tell me about something new you want to do in the new year. Remember to fill in a correct email address so I can contact you.
  2. You can tweet the following: @EddieDuckling is hosting a Happy New Year #giveaway over at Grey Duckling: http://roued.com/greyduckling/happy-new-year-giveaway/
  3. You can also mention Grey Duckling and the giveaway with a link, on your own blog, Facebook or other social media site. If you do so just add a comment on this post telling me where you mentioned it.

To make sure that no-one around the world is missed out I won’t close the giveaway till the 2nd January 2011. After this I will randomly pick a lucky person to send the brooch to.

I can’t wait to hear from you!


14 Responses

  1. Cecile

    It is such a gorgeous addition to any garment, it will look delightful on whoever is lucky enough to win it.

    Brand new thing for me to learn this year: woodturning! But plenty more to improve on in the crafts I already practice… Plenty to do in 2011!

  2. Birthe

    Looks lovely. Looking foreward to see more lovely crafts from Grey Duckling next year. Happy New year . Birthe

  3. Debbie

    I love the brooch – in 2011 I hope to try and do some more tailored sewing and really get to grips with fit in the clothes I make. I also need to find a job…or some way of earning money honestly! Oh and the big one – we are moving into a new house in the countryside hopefully in 2011 – it is currently half built.

  4. Desiree

    Oh this is the most gorgeous brooch I have seen in a very long time:). So much attention to detail! I've turned to hand-stitched crafts to see me through my fiance's illness – I love the stillness and peace it gives me. There's no instant gratification of wearing something I whipped up in an hour. It's nights spent calmly stitching, even though the results are nowhere near as good as many crafters I admire. It makes me happy.

  5. Melissa

    Your brooch is lovely and I'd feel beautiful wearing it. In the coming year I want to learn to crochet. I made a list of 10 things I wanted to do before my 47th birthday and crochet was on there. I only have 10 more months to go. Wish me luck!

  6. TZel

    I would like to be more active and travel to New York. Thanks!

  7. Stephanie

    I am starting to put together a collections of goodies for next Christmas so that is where your little brooch will go! Seems a little strange right? Well we just found out that my father in law is flying us to Ecuador for Christmas next year so we need to start putting gifts away for all the family over there! My husband has about 10 aunts and uncles on each of his parents side so I am little worried as to how many children we will be catering for?! Hehehe

    I love the book page feature so much though!!

    xo Steph

  8. Frances

    In 2011 I am travelling with my family to the UK. The furthest we have been out of New Zealand before is Australia, so it is very exciting and a bit nerve-wracking as well.

  9. Chiska

    What a fun brooch! I would like to learn to spin this year. I would also like to try some bobbin lace. Very fun!

  10. s

    I've several quilts I need to finish as well as some Christmas stockings. We're ending the year getting treatment for my husband. Back in August he started a series of tests which finally determined he has inoperable lung cancer but it is treatable with radiation and, hopefully, chemo. that's put me behind and there are some who didn't get their quilt nor their stocking because life took another turn. I've also got a fleece to work up and use to make a sweater and shawl.

  11. Taylor

    I quite love this! It's oh so beautiful and intricate.

    Been reading a lot of craft blogs in the last few months and used to be an avid crafter myself. Now I am a college student, and school occupies most of my time. For the Ne Year, I'd honestly like to start crafting again. Reading blogs (such as yours) has given me some great jumping off points!

  12. Eve

    Oh my, this little beauty just makes me smile!

  13. Sue Bates

    I think you are giving away an heirloom!

    Having been in some way involved with the inception of your lace making, I feel strongly that this piece will be well worth winning!

    Anyone needing more help or contacts about lace making may like to try

    http :www.laceguild.org

    Sue Bates

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