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I really began knitting again when we moved to Munich and I decided to leave my sewing machine behind. Around the same time I began to get contact dermatitis on my little finger. It then occured to me while knitting this is exactly the spot on my finger that constantly rests against my knitting needles and it gets worse when I knit a whole evening. So I checked it out and yes, I am using nickel coated knitting needles from KnitPro/KnitPicks. I am getting contact dermatitis from my nickel coated needles. But I love those needles and I have just begun to feel that I have a good collection of them 🙁

I have decided to see if I can swap the needles with other knitters to get a new collection of wooden or other metal needles of the same quality. I know that the nickel coated needles are quite popular because the yarn doesn’t grip so much to the needles and knitting is thus faster. I myself have loved them dearly until they made my finger so itchy!

So if you have either KnitPro/KnitPicks interchangable needles in wood or similar quality circular needles in wood or a different metal in the following sizes and you would like to exchange these for nickel coated needles, please let me know in the comments below. Please pass the message around your local knitting group 🙂

As you can see I had quite a few projects on the go, which I will of course move off the needles before the exchange. Now I’m off to continue knitting on the one project I can work flat with a pair of long needles I have. I can’t not be knitting!

EDIT: Just want to add, so as not to create a scare, that not everyone who has a Nickel allergy has issues with it in knitting needles. My problem is mainly the way I hold my hands while knitting, which keeps my little finger in constant contact with the needle. Constant contact = dermatitis ( at least for me)

Interchangeable – would like to exchange for KnitPro/KnitPicks interchangeable!

  • 4mm/US6 interchangeable short needles. Nikkel coating ever so slightly worn off.
  • 20130128-205945.jpg

  • 3.5mm/US4 interchangeable needles. Nikkel coating ever so slightly worn off.
  • 20130128-210539.jpg

  • 3.25mm/US3 interchangeabe needles.
  • 20130128-210114.jpg

  • 3mm/US between 2 and 3 interchangeable needles.
  • 20130128-210432.jpg

Circular – would like to exchange for any similar quality circular with a firm wire.

  • 2mm/US0 circular needles.
  • 20130128-210216.jpg

  • 2.25mm/US1 circular needles.
  • 20130128-210144.jpg

  • 2.5mm/US between 1 and 2 circular needles
  • 20130128-210516.jpg

  • 3mm/US between 2 and 3 circular needles.
  • 20130128-210329.jpg

  • 3.25mm/US3 circular needles.
  • 20130128-210403.jpg

4 Responses

  1. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

    Thanks again Emma. I do have some straights though but I dont much like to use them. I prefer circulars. But thank you for offering 🙂 will try Green Parent forum perhaps.

  2. Emma Nichols

    No round but I have a few double ended straights. I'll check the bag and take some pictures. Would also suggest registering with Green Parent forum if you want to widen the search. Lots of knitters willing to do trades.

  3. Henriette Roued-Cunliffe

    Thanks Emma, are they aluminum maybe? Are we talking round needles? Could you by chance take a pic for me.

  4. Emma Nichols

    I have lots of needles that aren't shiny. Does this mean that they aren't nickle coated? If so, I'm happy to send you a full set of sizes. I've inherited them from Grandmothers on both sides so am trying to find good homes for them!