How to knit socks that fit?

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So last year I did a quick summery of my 4 best sock knitting tips. This is how I adore knitting socks. It’s a mix of a few of my favorite knitting techniques. Every-time I knit two practically identical items – I knit two at a time. This works for socks, sleeves, mittens, you name it. I use Judy’s magic cast-on for every project where it makes sense. Short-rows heels are always lovely. But my favorite tip of them all is to use a recipe instead of a strict pattern.

The only downside with using a recipe is all the calculations. It’s not that I can’t or won’t do them. It’s just that I don’t fancy sitting with pen and paper and doing similar calculations every-time I have a new project. So the programmer in me decided that it was time to fix up a calculator that could give me the numbers I needed to follow a recipe if I gave it my measurements. I began with socks and here I present the Super Sock Calculator. You can also add it to your queue or cast-on over on

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 22.37.28

On the technical side I am a great fan of AJAX forms. I don’t want to input all my measurements and then press submit to see what the result is. By adding AJAX to the form I can now begin inputting my measurements and see how this affects the amount to cast-on, for example.

Thank you to Sarah from Craft Gossip for talking about the calculator.

Next step is finishing off the video instructions. Also, I could really use some knitters who would like to test the recipe for adult feet!!

And then I will move on to the raglan sweater.

Super Sock Calculator by Eddie's Room,

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  1. SallyBC

    I like the idea of this sock calculator. My husband has size 14 wide feet and I’ve just never attempted anything because the dimensions seemed beyond my ability to calculate. I look forward to seeing the results – let me think about attempting to knit those gargantuan things as a test!

    • Eddie

      That would be really cool Sally if you would try this as a custom size for your husband 🙂