The inheritance from America

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I have been promising to write up this story for a while now. You could also call the story “How I got the name, Roued” or “The long-lost cousin from America”. It first came to my attention 10 years ago when my mothers mother (Kristine Marie – also known as Dinne) died. Among my Grandparents old papers and photos were some concerning the inheritance from the American cousin Ludwig G. Glimborg (1904-1978).  I have written a few posts about Ludwig and his parents in Chigago (US census access on Ancestry – now up till 1940s, American census records, and Going to Chicago) so I won’t repeat too much of it here. According to the US  census Ludwig seems to be the only surviving of 6 children born to Elene Kristine (born Roued) and Gunnard Andrew Glimborg.


Kristine Marie Roued Nielsen (born Christensen)

The first my Grandmother’s family heard about the inheritance from their great-cousin Ludwig was via a letter to my Grandmother’s older sister Grethe in 1985. It must have arrived the week my younger sister was born. The letter came from a Danish genealogist, Kell Ladewig from Lyngby, who described how he had been commissioned to  find names and addresses of family related to Elena Kristine Roued, born 16th April 1869 in Skærbæk to parents Ludvig Roued and Johanne. My Grandmother replied with information about her own family and photos of her parents gravestone in Læborg.

Gravestone for J.A. Christensen and Anna M. Christensen at Læborg Churchyard

The connection (see family tree) to Ludwig is through my Grandmother’s mother Anne Marie Christensen (born Hansen). She was Ludwig’s cousin and her mother, Kirstine Marie Hansen (born Roued) was the older sister of Ludwig’s mother Elena. Their father Johan Ludvig Roued was married twice and their mother Johanne Nielsen was his second wife. They had three children, Kirstine Marie (probably named after his previous wife), Jørgen and Elena Kristine. With his first wife he had four daughters, Maren Kristine, Bodild Marie, Petrea and Kristine Marie (who died only 17 months old).

The genealogist returns the addresses and names of all the Danish living relatives to what I assume is a company of heirhunters (I don’t even know who is behind this but am very curious to find out) and the German bank, Hoerner Bank GMBH pays out the inheritance. It’s of course difficult to make those kind of calculations but I think that Ludwig left the worth of around 1mill $ in 2012 (counting in inflation). My Grandmother and her siblings each inherited 1/360 of that amount. The ‘American business connection’ (as the bank puts it) charged a 1/3 of this as an agreed processing fee. Having watched the BBC One program Heir Hunters I know that there can be good business in finding relatives of those dying without close family or a will. My Grandmother would have received the current day equivalent of a couple of thousand dollars.

Kristine Marie born Roued – my Great-great-grandmother with daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter).

However, what was more important to my mother and later me than the money, was finding out about the family tree and the name Roued. My mother soon convinced my Grandmother to take the name Roued as a middle name so that she could take it also and my newborn sister could be christened with the name. I was also given the name and my brother was later christened with it.

Since I first learned about the inheritance I have been looking for the root of the name Roued. It is a story I will save for another day as I haven’t found out where it came from yet but if you are interested in following it back you are welcome to snoop around the online family tree.

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