Introduction to thesis background

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As a follow up on Mondays post on the introduction, I will explore the background a bit more.

We are still looking at the book  “Writing the winning thesis or dissertation: a step-by-step guide” (Glatthorn & Joyner: 2005).

The book has a really helpful way of defining the background of the study from 4 different perspectives:

  1. Societal background
  2. Intellectual background
  3. Professional background
  4. Research background

I used this way of defining the background and made a mindmap. This has really helped me to define the influences that this thesis is built upon.

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  1. […] We are a couple of hours into the morning and I have filled my Stelton with coffee. Now I am ready to tackle an hour of writing on my thesis. But first I want to ramble a bit about how I like to write. My thesis deadline is still a year and a half away. It seems like such a long, long time and therefore I find it difficult to pin myself down and just get on with some writing. Of course there are bit’s that I can’t write yet because I haven’t finished the work. But there are bits that I definitely can write. The introduction for example is a good place to begin. In my opinion it is one of the most important chapters. I did a bit of research into how an introduction can be written and found a good way of looking at the thesis background. […]