IT and Ancient Documents: Image Annotation

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At the moment I am in the midst of writing about IT and ancient documents. This is a basic overlook of the research so far in this area. I decided to divide it into different subjects such as: text encoding, corpora/online resources, expert systems, character corpora, image analysis and image annotation. Today I am looking at the last subject: image annotation.

So far I have found a couple of projects that are working on this:

  1. TILE – Text-Image Linking Environment
  2. Collaborative project aiming to develop a web based image mark-up tool for linking between encoded text and image annotations ( based on AXE – Ajax XML encoder).
    Issue: Link to AXE is not working!

  3. UVic Image Mark-up Tool Project
  4. Desktop based mark-up tool conforming to TEI P5 XML

  5. VRE-SDM – Virtual Research Environment for the Study of Documents and Manuscripts
  6. Finished pilot creating a workspace allowing collaborative annotation and organising of images while searching through related text datasets.

  7. DocSouth’s img2xml
  8. Enables the tracing of handwriting with output in SVG and linking to encoded texts.
    Issue: Not a lot is written on this and many dead links!

If anyone reads this and knows of other projects that I haven’t displayed here please feel free to comment or drop me an email at henriette dot roued at classics dot ox dot ac dot uk. I am also very interested in hearing about any literature concerning this subject or any of the above subjects.