Jeans/Sweater project bags

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A couple of weeks ago I asked you how you would refashion jeans. I got quite a few comments with your ideas and I have added them to the post. This post is what I have made from my stack of jeans. Project bags! I made 10 in total and I am using them for all the different projects I am working on at the moment. Have a look at the tutorial and the finished bags and why not try and make your own. If you have – I would love to hear about it!


Materials before
Reversable jeans/sweater project bag
Reversable jeans/sweater project bag

Jeans and sweaters recycled into project bags by Eddie's Room,

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  1. Eddie

    Hi Josey – thank you so much. I do have a Facebook page:
    Its also called Eddie’s room. You can also ‘like’ it in the right hand column of the blog.

  2. josey jasen

    Do you have a facebook fan page? I looked for

    one on twitter but could not discover one, I

    would really like to become a fan!