Joomla vs. WordPress

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Seeing as this post i being written in a WordPress blog it may seem as if I have chosen already. However, this is not the case.

I stood with this dilemma recently for a couple of websites I am developing for the e-Science project and CSAD.

In the past I have been a firm believer in WordPress and am now personally blogging in 4 different WordPress blogs. But that is the main point! WordPress is really easy but it is mainly a blogging tool. Great for when you want to blog but if you want to make a more complicated website I have come to the conclusion that Joomla is the way to go.

I was put on this path by the Web Administrator of The Oxford Roman Economy Project who also run Joomla. It seemed to work for them and i am sure it will work for us too!

So far Joomla has been difficult to figure out but once I climbed the hill the view is really good. It can do quite a few nice things and hopefully it is also easy for users to update the material through the admin interface. We’ll see!