July and August knitting

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You may have spotted that my family and I moved back to Denmark in July and therefore I never managed to get a knitting update out for that month. So this one will include the knitting I have been doing in both July and August.

Starting with the Hexipuffs of which I did quite a few (view them on Ravelry) in July before we left Munich. The idea with putting them into jars is all my daughter Bess’. She did it one day and I just loved it so much. She really has a feeling of ownership for the Hexipuffs.

Hexipuffs from July

This next set of images goes through my knitting and yarn related journey in July and August. It all began with me finally finishing the Paper Dolls pattern by Kate Davies. I do love the look of the pattern but the top is way too tight for me. So I may have to rip it back to the top of the dolls and re-knit it sometime before winter. The next picture is of me #knittingwhilewalking. I decided with a lady on Instagram that there should be a hashtag for such a crazy endeavour. But I did a lot of walking in Munich and sometimes it just seemed like such a waste of knitting time 😉 Oh and on the picture I am working on the Soror Karissima shawl (pattern being published soon). Talking about patterns being published, I also published my first pattern for sale in August. It’s the Lepidina Kerchief.
Oh and I bought so much yarn (ok it’s only a lot for me because I don’t usually buy much yarn) in the month before leaving Munich. There was a lot of lovely yarn I had been touching up at Die Mercerie for months and now was my last chance to buy it. So I did 🙂 This brings me to a very sad thing. I of course had to say goodbye to the beloved Die Mercerie yarn shop and cafe where I had felt so welcome. Before I left I also got to visit Wollmeise just outside Munich where I stocked up too.

Then we moved and all my yarn was vacuum packet and looked to tiny and sad :-(, but it was with great joy that I got all my old yarn out of storage and the new and the old yarn could meet. I also got all my knitted shawls out of storage and re-blocked (using gravity) like the green Echo Flower shawl on the photo.

Finally I wanted to mention two new exciting projects. I have begun filming for a total beginners, learning to knit, pattern. I’m quite excited about this project as I want to use it for teaching. Oh and not to forget, I got out my Grandmother’s spinning wheel and continued to spin the Jacobs sheep/black bamboo blend I was working on before we moved to Munich. It’s going really well and I hope to be finished with that part soon so that I can design the cardigan for my husband and of course knit it too.

I think that’s all the knitting news for now but if you want to follow what I am up to on a daily basis you can do so via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email. Links are in the sidebar to the right.

Knitting in July and August by Eddie's Room


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