June Knitting

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Let me start by saying that the weather today in Munich is perfect for knitting big woolly jumpers 🙂 It’s windy, it’s rainy and it’s all around yucky. We have had some very warm days in June though – like really warm. One of my lovely knitting friends from Southampton came to visit with her husband and while they were here it was scorching hot. But we still got some knitting done and I was inspired to make a patchwork quilt. This is not instead of the hexapuff quilt. That is still going at the pace I want it to go, with new little hexipuffs knit each time I finish a project. It’s a project for the long run. At some point I will have enough to begin putting them together and maybe even laying it out and one day (I hope) there will be enough for a full size quilt for the bed (and we have a big bed). But in the meantime I am going to sew up a nice little fast fabric quilt.

Dog Hexipuff, by Eddie's Room, www.roued.com

But here is an update of the hexipuffs from June. I also added one with a dog embroidered on with duplicate stitching. Bess loves dogs at the moment so this one was specially for her. She also loves getting all the hexipuffs out and looking at them, so we did that together.

Looking at Hexipuffs together, by Eddie's Room, www.roued.com

Let me just post this photo of my friend Dawn’s top tip for patchwork sewn by hand. This one is specially for you Sue! Use paper-clips to fasten the fabric to the paper shape. Oh and Dawn bought her paper shapes pre made.

Dawn's patchwork tip

Things I am really excited about knitting-wise in June include the baby cardigan I designed for a baby shower I went to in the beginning of June. It’s called the Dirghagama baby cardigan and I am currently getting it test-knit by a lovely bunch of knitters. The pattern page is on Ravelry and pictures of the test-knits are beginning to pop-up in the projects (you need a Ravelry login to see them). The pattern rounded 100 favourites the other day and it is such a great feeling to know that people are loving it and excited to knit it when it comes out. Don’t worry, it will be soon. Just waiting for the last feedback from the test-knitters and then I will finish it off. Someone has been translating it into Spanish. I also want to get it translated into Danish and as many other languages as possible. If you are interested in doing this, let me know.

Dirghagama baby cardigan (free pattern), by Eddie's Room, www.roued.com

I also just bought some Drachenwolle DK weight yarn for a pattern I want to design for Bess and I. It’s hand dyed and I love the way that give a very alive yarn, which is kind of variegated but not really. I got some in Yellow, Teal and Green.

Drachenwolle yarn

Knit-wise there is a lot going on in my life at the moment. If you want to keep an eye on it the blog is a good place to look. You can sign up to the knitting update below and you will get only knitting related posts sent to your email every Friday.

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Happy knitting!

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