Kanephoros Girls Cardigan

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Kanephoros girls cardigan by Eddie's Room

This is a sweet cardigan for girls age 1 to 6 years with ¾ length raglan sleeves and basket weave lace at the bottom. Kanephoros were the gold-bedecked girls who carry the Kana, the holy offering baskets at the head of the Panathenaic procession as a part of the Panathenaic Games in honour of Athena, held every four years in Athens from the 6th Century BCE till the 3rd Century CE. Ovid mentions this in Metamorphoses Book II, 708-736 Mercury sees Herse. “That day happened to be a festival of Pallas, when, by tradition, innocent girls carried the sacred mysteries to her temple, in flower-wreathed baskets, on their heads.” So now you know!

I hope you enjoy knitting this pattern and I am looking forward to seeing your versions of it 🙂

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