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Path to Perta shawlette from Eddie's Room,

Back in spring I was doing these monthly update posts on my knitting throughout the previous month. I have been really bad at getting back to these once we moved back to Denmark. Sorry 🙂

At the same time I have had a newsletter with the RSS feed of all my knitting related posts setup for the blog. It was sending out each week when there were new posts. I decided that this was a bit much so I have now given the knitting newsletter a makeover.

So, if you are interested in anything knitting related that I am working on this new newsletter may be something for you. It will come out once a month on the last day and will contain blog posts and photos from Instagram specially selected for this monthly update. I hope you will enjoy this. You can sign up below.

While I have your attention I wanted to mention that if you are interested in my knitting pattern designing process I have a special hashtag for this on Instagram: #designinginthewild

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