Landscape photos with Brownie

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My previous experience with the Brownie Box Camera taught me that keeping the shutter open for more than a snap shot will inevitably give blurry photos. I decided to try it out in stead with snapshots of landscape images and where better to do this than an archaeological park in Italy. Most of the photos as you can see below turned out fine. I got a bit nervous for them on the way home where the Italian airport advised me not to put film into the checked in luggage. I don’t remember seeing this sort of sign at Gatwick so I thought for a moment that the 3 medium format film I had brought out with me had been ruined even before I used them. However, that was not the case. The only problem with the film itself was the second one which I changed at Forum Romanum and just put back into the box without tape. When I took it out again it was a bit loose resulting in exposure of the last couple of images of Forum Romanum.


Along the way I also lost a  of photo (dark one) where the camera must have rolled on by it’s own in the bag. The is also a couple of overexposed photos (clear ones) where I thought I would be clever and leave the shutter open for a while to take in movement. I have learnt from this experiment that this does not work in daylight. Will try it again sometime at night.  I had a great time taking these photos and even though the brownie is bulky it is very lightweight and thus easy to bring around. I brought out 3 medium format films on which the brownie will allow me to take 8 photos each giving me 24 photos in total. In comparison with the 1000 photos we all took with various digital cameras on this holiday, 24 photos seem so few. However, once you get into the mind frame of wanting the perfect picture for the brownie it turned out to be quite hard to use all 24 photos.


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