LEGO advent calendar

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091118_Lego_calendar_008Since I was a child I have had this fabulous advent calendar that my grandmother cross-stitched for me. When I was a child my parents would tie 24 presents to it and I would open one every day up till Christmas. When my two siblings and I got older we would put one of our 3 advent calendars up in the kitchen and divide the presents out (5 people divided by 24 days = 4-5 presents each). We would then each have to buy 4-5 small presents for the calendar and get to open a present from the calendar each 5th day. Now I do the same with my husband. We each buy 12 presents and get to open a present every second day. This worked really well the first couple of Christmases we were together. But now it’s limited how many new kitchen utensils and small gadgets we really need so I came up with a new idea. Actually, it’s an old idea that my parents did for me and my sister back in 87. You take a LEGO set (house, pirate ship, or what ever you fancy) and divide it out depending on the instructions – into 24 piles. Then you wrap it up into 24 parcels that you put on an advent calendar or if you don’t have one of those a piece of string will do. You can put labels on from 1-24.

Seeing as everyone in my family love Lego my idea was to sew 24 bags that we can reuse year after year.


1. Cut out 24 rectangles in your favorite fabric (they don’t all have to be the same colour) at a size of between 12-16 inch x 5-7 inch (they don’t have to be the same size either). Either cut them with a zig-zag scissors or zig-zag them on your sewing machine all the way around.


2. Fold the short edges and sew them in to make a nice edge. Then fold the pieces on the middle inside out and sew down the sides.


3. When you are finished sewing them – turn them inside out – fill them with lego or anything else you want to put on your advent calendar – tie some ribbon or jute string around the top and put them on your advent calendar / string.

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