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A little update on the liqueur making project.
After I made the really nice blackberry liquor I went a bit crazy and made gooseberry, black current and red current liqueurs after the same recipe but adjusted a bit. I felt that there was maybe too much sugar and too much vodka in the previous liqueurs so I decided to add more water to these new ones. Of course this meant that when I went to taste them before Christmas they had all gone very very bad and I had to throw a lot of good work down the drain.

So now I have decided to stick to the original Lemoncello recipe. Unfortunately, I could not get hold of un-waxed organic lemons before Christmas so this batch is with limes instead. Smells good though!
Hope this works and I get a wonderful Limecello out of it.

Note: with the citric fruit liqueurs I have discovered that the longer they get to stand around for the better they become. Some of them taste really soapy until they are about a year old.

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