Looking closer at Ribe

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The other day I thought it might be time to have a closer look at an under researched part of my family tree with the help of the newly available scans of censuses and church records for Denmark available on Arkivalier Online.

For Ribe this covers the period all the way up to 1920, which was perfect at this would fill many gaps in my research on my grandmother Dinne’s (Kirstine Marie Roued Christensen) father’s (Jens Andreas Christensen) side of the family. Over the last years I have mostly been focussing on her mother’s (Anne Marie Hansen) side as I was trying to discover where the name Roued came from. However, I have recently been doing a lot of tidying up in my sources and I thought it was time to learn something new.

My mothers mother Dinne was the sixth of eight children all born in Guldager. A couple of years ago I made a visit to the local archive in Guldager where I learn’t that her father Jens and his wife Anne Marie were managing the local village inn in the 1920s. I was given copies a picture of the village hall and a picture of the house where they lived in the late 1930s when Jens started a transport company with his now adult son Hans Peter.

In 1941 the last son Ove is baptised in Guldager church and we don’t meet the family again till 1944 where the forth child Svend is confirmed in Oksby parish (Blåvand). Between there two dates we should have the third child Ester’s confirmation in c. 1942, but I have not been able to find this event in any of the two parishes, so it is possible that they lived somewhere else for a couple of years in the early WWII period. Neither am I sure of the reason why the family left Guldager, but I have heard certain rumors. However, this is not the story that I wanted to tell today. Instead I would like to go back to the father Jens and his birth in Ribe.

I knew that according to their eldest son Hans Peter’s birth certificate (he was born 1st Feb 1920) they were married the 5th May 1919 in Ribe Cathedral. Now anyone good with dates can easily see that there is only just nine months from their wedding to his birth. But this I have found is a considerable improvement to Jens himself who was baptised on the day of his parent’s wedding.

Jens’ parent’s Peder Christian Christiansen and Inger Marie Elisabeth Nielsen (known as Elisabeth) were married and stayed in Ribe. At earlier searches through Danish censuses I have used the DDA where you can search on names. But this time I had to use the new scans where this was not an option. Most of my other research has been in country parishes where you could be quite certain of where people would occur. But in the case of Ribe there are several different parishes. In the case of Jens and Anne Marie’s marriage they might have been married in the Cathedral but they where registered in Sct. Kathrinæ’s church records. So presumably Jens’ parent’s lived in Sct. Kathrinæ parish. But why then is their youngest daughter’s baptism registered in the cathedral records? All three children’s confirmation is registered in Sct. Kathrinæ’s church records. But for the middle child Nis, who’s own baptism records I can’t find, another mother is registered at his confirmation (Inger Kirstine Johansen). I don’t know if this is a mistake or the middle child, Nis, just has a different mother.

In the census the records are divided into streets, but as I have no idea which street they live on I had to begin at the beginning and work my way through. This became quite boring and I remembered that in one of his grandchildrens baptism records Peder Christen Christensen is a caretaker at the Borgerskole which I found out is on Bispegade. I tried looking at the street Bispegade and found nothing. I then tried the streets around Bispegade and hit jackpot on Gravsgade. They were here in the census in 1901, 1906 and 1911. However, they are not in Gravsgade in the 1916 census so I will have to start looking again.