Making baby clothes

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We have recently acquired an overlocker in the family and of course my sister and I had to have a go straight away by making some baby clothes for the bump. My sister has been sewing baby clothes for a while so it was good to have her by my side showing me what to do.

IMG_0048 1

My first attempt was at making a night suit. I need to finish it off with some push buttons.

IMG_0042 2

My sister made this cute suit first out of some stretchy fabric she had just bought at Cathy’s in Kolding. I think we spent an hour and a half in the shop looking around, deciding on what to get and chatting to Cathy who is a lovely American with a beautiful danish.

IMG_0039 2

These cute overalls were also made by my sis – wanting to try out the overlocker with some less stretchy fabric. The fabric is some stuff I received from different lovely and generous people.

IMG_0052 1

Finally is the thing I’m most proud off. It’s a refashion of some old cushion covers I sewed years ago but didn’t want anymore. I still have enough for another pair. To me they just scream spring!

IMG_0030 2
The old cushion covers

IMG_0032 1
Cutting out the pattern

IMG_0053 1
Detail from the pocket

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  1. Lula Sapphire

    Here is almost everything you need to know about dressing your baby. Really nice ideas about baby clothes. Thanks for sharing.

    • EddieDuckling

      Your welcome Lula!

  2. Unique baby clothes

    I have know more ideas that baby cloths. With extra information gather from your site.

  3. Caitriona

    These are so cute! I love the corduroy trousers.
    I hope everything is going well!

    • Eddie

      Thank you Catriona, I love them too.

  4. Heidi /I'm with Leia

    Wow love all these – and do wish I could sew too….

    Have seen this book: Børnetøj du selv kan sy 0-4 år ( I noticed that the other book you mentioned was in Danish…) I can’t wait for my mother in law to start making everything from this book for my little one – It’s totally retro fabulous but can be adjusted if that’s not totally your cup of tea 😉

    Or the Norweian book Brukt på nytt – is also fab, filled with things you can make of what you already have in the home. I adore the idea of re-make 🙂

    Have a nice day!

    • Eddie

      Thanks Heidi,
      I know the book ‘ børnetøj du selv kan sy 0-4 år’ very well. My mother has had it for 29 year to be exact. Its a funny story. We all thought it was hers but actually there is a dedication in there showing that it is mine and I received it in a christening present from my aunt and uncle. I hope your mother-in-law will make some things from it for your own very beautiful bump (I was just admiring the pictures the other day).
      I don’t know the other Norwegian book – but I will try to find it at the library. Is it the one from Kathrine Gregersen? The one I posted about called ‘Sy børnetøj af nyt og gammelt’ by Lone Villaume and Hanne Aamand seems to be along the same lines.
      Thank you for the tip!

  5. Shams

    OMIGOSH, how cute are those? Almost makes me wish my teens were young. Almost. 😉

    • Eddie

      Thank you Shams – it was so much fun to make too. I learnt so much that day from my sister.