Mammen motifs

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My version of mammen type tablet weaving
The Mammen motifs where found on woolen tablet woven bands around 1870 it what of course is presumed to be the grave of a VIP. This grave is situated in the village of Mammen near Viborg (Denmark). Others have published these bands on the Internet in danish and they basically believe the bands to be from the 10th century AD (so real Viking Age stuff). These types of tablet weaving are created through the use of the double face weaving method. This allows the weaver to design the band all the way through.


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  1. Linda S.

    I am soooo excited to find you online. There are so few blogs about tablet weaving…and your work is lovely. I have had to put mine on hold for a bit to finish my quilt, but you may just inspire me to pick it up again sooner than later..grin