March knitting

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I have been using Instagram a lot recently for two reasons. One it’s fun (and easy) to say it with pictures when you don’t have time to write a long story about what you are doing. Snap a quick picture and short description. Two my phone doesn’t take the best pictures so by Instagram’ing them I think they look a bit better. So in today’s knitting update I want to share some Instagram photos of my wip’s and some proper photos of the finished items.

Bess and Lily in purple knit dress

I feel like I got a lot of knitting done in March. In the beginning I was a bit fearful about how much I would get done as the sun was shining and I managed to cycle to work a couple of times. Much as I loved cycling to work I knew it meant less knitting time as I am a big far of knitting in transport, knitting while waiting for transport, knitting while walking towards transport. Let’s face it, I am the crazy ‘knitting-in-public’ lady. Having said that, of those who don’t just look the other way and continue to read their Kindle or use their smartphones, most people give me a smile, some a nice comment, and yesterday for the first time, an lady actually asked me about my knitting. To be fair, I don’t look up much while knitting either so I might be missing out on potential contact there. This is usually OK on the Ubahn here in Munich because I know where I am going and where to place myself to get to the change I want. However, there is a tricky situation on the way home where I need to take the U1 but the U2 stops on the same platform. Once I was so engrossed in my knitting that I got on the train, heard they mentioned the Hauptbahnhof, then something else, then I looked out and saw …straße behind a pillar. OK, the last stop before mine. Got off at my stop and looked around. It looked very strange and I couldn’t at first identify what had gone wrong. Until I looked at the sign saying Josephstraße. Not my stop at all. I had basically ridden on the U2 for the same amount of stops as I would have on the U1 and not noticed till I got off. The same nearly happened to me yesterday too, but I got off in time. Maybe it was the surprise of being talked too 🙂

So enough with these stories, let’s have a look at the knitting. Those who have been following my facebook page (also called Eddie’s room) where the Instagram feeds too, will have noticed that this month’s theme has also been, that Lily. Now you may ask – why have you become such a doll clothes knitter? Well I don’t think I really have, but I love to knit for Bess’ doll Lily. Mainly because Bess seems to love Lily. One moment Lily get’s a big hug and cuddle and then the next she get’s thrown over the shoulder. But that is probably just the nature of children and dolls/teddies I guess. One thing I have found that helps Bess relate to Lily is the fact that they wear similar clothes. Bess has trousers -> Lily has trousers. Bess has a new purple/teal dress (thanks Cecile) -> Lily has a new purple/teal dress. Another reason is that I am working on some custom size knitting calculators at the moment and Lily provides a good opportunity to test them on something very small. Next I will test them on Bess and then myself. So let’s begin with some Lily stuff:

Me working on raglan calculations for Lily’s cardigan

Lily’s new raglan cardigan

Another thing that is a bit sad about not having my sewing machine here is that I can’t really do refashions. Or at least not sewn ones. But this has given me the inspiration to do a knitting refashion again. This time it is not a complete ‘frog the sweater and knit a shawl of it refashion‘ but more a slight change to a handknit pullover I bought a while back from People Tree. I love the pattern but the shoulder straps are just too long so it sits way to low on my I think. But I can fix that (at least I hope I can because I have now unravelled the shoulders). You can follow the progress on

The People Tree handknit pullover

People Tree refashion  by Eddie's Room,

The shoulders are way too long

So I unravelled the shoulders

I have been wanting to begin working on the Paper Doll’s pattern by Katie Davies for a while now. I had already begun it back in December, by doing the dreaded icord cast-on in a different colour yarn. I then decided I wanted to do some mittens for John in this colour so I re-thought the colour scheme for the Paper Doll’s and had to cast-on again. Arg! The result is nice enough, but how I hate icord cast on. Someone actually suggested on Ravelry to do a provisional cast-on and then turn around later and to an icord cast off instead, which is supposed to be easier. I will keep that in mind for another time. So I have my brown Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith and then there is two different red/pink’s one from Janieson and Smith and one from Jamieson’s. Add to that some different shades of teal also from the two companies. I think (hope) it will look nice. Now I am onto the stockinet stitch part and will be doing that for a while yet. But I have so many ideas for cardigans and other projects I want to do for myself. However, I have promised myself that I will plan no more projects until I finish this one. And by that I mean I won’t buy yarn for other projects. Playing with the yarn I already have (however little that it) does not count. 🙂

Lovely Shetland yarn

Yarn to be used for the Paper doll’s pullover (I have more of the brown)

Fair Isle! I nearly forgot. I finished my first real Fair Isle project. I love Fair Isle knitting, but I struggled in the beginning not too make it too tight. I will begin by showing you an image of an item that now is no more. I frogged it. rip, rip! I started on a pair of mittens for John and the fair isle was just too tight. I realised that if I was to do another mitten (and of course it’s no fun only having one) it would be far superior and thus it would be a weird situation. So I frogged it and vowed that before next winter I would make him a new pair of matching mittens. Possibly I will try and make two at the same time. 😎

The frogged lone mitten

The frogged lone mitten

But I did finish the hat I was making for myself. The pattern is Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn. It was a lovely and easy knit for me to practice Fair Isle. Despite knitting a bit tight in the beginning and a bit loose towards the end it is very forgiving (not like the mitten). However, for me I think I would add another pattern panel another time as it doesn’t fall as nicely as I would want it too. Maybe I just need to block it a bit harder. We’ll see. The problem is that I need to wear it every day now, so it will have to wait for adjustments.

Yarn for the Selbu Modern hatYarn for the Selbu Modern hat

The finished Selbu Modern, Fair Isle hat knit  by Eddie's Room,

The finished Selbu Modern, Fair Isle hat

Me wearing the Selbu Modern Fair Isle hat

Oh I nearly forgot, I also did some knitting to send as presents. I fell in love with the pattern Blue Leaf Headband by Adrienne Krey. First I made a yellow one for my friend as a ‘new mother’/birthday present and then I made one for my sister because she just got permanent employment. The cardigan is Baby Sophisticate – Free by Linden Down, which I heard of on Alana’s Never Not Knitting podcast when she was telling the funny story of the second one she made. 

Purple headband for Sis

Purple headband for Sis

Headband for Helene and cardigan for Ninja baby

Headband for Helene and cardigan for Ninja baby

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xx Eddie

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