Maternity trouser refashion update

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A couple of weeks ago I had a go at refashioning some of my old trousers into maternity trousers (blog post here). it wasn’t a great success. The result was a pair of trousers with no fitting problems but which would not stay up either.

I have now had another go at the same trousers, adding a sewn on belly-band and some elastic. They are a lot better and I have been using them the last couple of days. It was also about time as I am beginning to feel much more uncomfortable in the pregnancy.

Maybe this is  a good time to mention the guest-post I did recently on Whip up  about maternity refashioning. if you have been doing any maternity refashioning or want to do it then good places to visit for inspiration is the diy maternity blog or the maternity category on the Refashion Co-op where we are having a Maternity Refashioning Challenge at the moment. I have also added the list of tutorials from the previous post at the end again.

Let me also quickly mention the new Facebook page I added for this blog: Eddie’s room Facebook page. I have been pretty good so far at adding links to tutorials and other fun stuff that I want to share or just want to do for myself so go ahead and follow over there too if you are interested in great craft tips too!


IMG_0016 1
Cutting off the bottom of a t-shirt for the belly band.

The finished trousers – I have been wearing these the last couple of days and they are surprisingly comfortable.

While I was at it I also made another pair of maternity trousers out of a pair of dress trousers. They were pretty bit to begin with but it became too uncomfortable to close them.

IMG_0080 copy

I cut off the front part

Added a ribbed piece from the bottom of a sweater

Added extra elastic here too

Finished result with added elastic


Links to tutorials: