Maternity trousers refashion

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First a little announcement. I’m pregnant – 5 months indeed. Its been good so far. I have been lucky in terms of morning sickness and the likes. Even though I still just look like I have a bit of a muffin top I am starting to have issues with getting trousers on. Even the most generous trousers in my wardrobe won’t fasten anymore. So I had a trawl of the internet to find tutorials and ideas for making/refashioning your own maternity trousers.

Here are some pictures of my first attempt. It was not a success. They fall down all the time. So I have to add some fabric and maybe elastic band to the top of them. But I will let you see them for now.

I have added a list of tutorials at the bottom if you want to try and make your own. Another great site to visit is diy maternity by Megan Nielsen where there is loads of lovely inspiration to have on different diy clothing items. Do go check it out!

Trousers before

Cut the front away

Sew a piece of knit or jersey fabric on
Links to tutorials:

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  4. Eddie

    Thank you Sara and Dawn.
    Dawn give my love at the guild! Miss you ladies. xxx

  5. Dawn

    Hey, hello from Hampshire (the other Dawn from the Guild ;-)) – just re-found your blog and wow – congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you’re settling in well back in Denmark.
    Loving your refashioning – I did similarly and added a piece of elastic loosely at the back with a loop to hook over the button. You’ll soon expand more though. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy.

    Dawn x

  6. Sara

    Great to see the waistline expanding! Hope you are both well. Trousers are looking good 🙂 xx