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I can’t talk about knitting in May without mentioning my first ever pattern on It’s a free pattern and it’s really more of a calculator/recipe than a pattern as such. It’s called the Super Sock Calculator! So you might ask: “what’s so super about it?”. You can knit two socks at a time – yeah! You can begin at the toes – double yeah! You can turn the heal quick and easy when the socks fit you – triple yeah! And you can make socks that fit you super well with the calculator – quadruple yeah! Check out my 4 tips for easy sock knitting for more on this or go straight to the Super Sock Calculator to try it out for yourself.

You can see that I am quite excited about this, right!

Super Sock Calculator by Eddie's Room,


So last month I told you how I was excited about making some instructional videos for my new Youtube Channel (I would so love for you to go and subscribe if you like learning via video). Well this month I have been working on some new videos for the Super Sock Calculator. They will be embedded in the pattern as they are uploaded. The first part is ready and is about using the calculator. The socks you see above are the ones I made for the videos. The project is also on Ravelry. Part of these videos were filmed at my favourite yarn shop, Die Mercerie, where the lovely Sabine and her staff are always ready with a good coffee and a chat 🙂 <3 The yarn is Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) and was bought at Die Mercerie. I love this part of Munich where I live at the moment. I have three very different LYS yarn shops within just 5 min walking distance (Die Mercerie, Fasern + Fabern and a Wollkorb) . If you are ever in Munich and you love yarn – Neuhausen is the area to visit.

As I had finished a couple of projects with 4-ply weight yarn – I had also vowed to do a Hexapuff for each. This is an ongoing project for which I would like to have at least one hexapuff for each 4-ply yarn I have ever used in a project.

Hexipuffs knit by Eddie's Room,

While I was at it I also made this Elephant Hexipuff out of some of the handspun Yak and Cashmere I made earlier.

Elephant Hexipuff, knit by Eddie's Room,

Just so you don’t think I have only been knitting one pair of socks and making videos all May here are some photos of how far I am with the Paper Dolls by Kate Davies. I am having great fun with this project. So the other day I reached the armholes finally. The blouse is knit from the bottom and when I reached this point (I know I should be better at reading ahead – but I’m not) I realised that the pattern wanted me to make two sleeves and combine them with the body before working the circular yoke. I didn’t want to do this for two reasons. One, I don’t know how long I want my sleeves yet – it depends on the amount of yarn I have left and two I couldn’t wait to get started on the stranded yoke and the paper dolls. If I had read ahead I would probably have tried to turn around and knit the pattern from the neck down instead. This just makes much more sense in my head. Oh well! I’m over halfway with the dolls and I hope to finish this off in June. But then again I have so many other projects (which I can’t show you because they are for patterns), so we’ll see. As long as it is done for autumn it will be fine.

Paper Dolls, knit by by Eddie's Room,

And finally a bit of a sad story really. Back in 2011, just as the husband and I were leaving the UK I began knitting on the Shipwreck Shawl by Knitting Harpy from Knitty, Spring 2009. Just the other day I changed the project to a FROGGED project on Ravelry. 🙂 If was supposed to become a lovely shawl with my Zephir yarn from the beautiful LYS, La petit boutique du Comptoir and copper coloured beads from La Droguerie from Cecile and my trip to Paris. Alas, I never was happy with the lace – but when it came to the fishnet like netting and adding the beads I completely stalled. Each round just took forever and I just didn’t feel it anymore. So now I am trying to decide what I want to use this yarn and the beads for instead. Perhaps design another lace shawl or something. I just want to add that this is no slight on the pattern. It is a perfectly good pattern and the projects on Ravelry all look great. It’s just a combination of the techniques and the netting, which is basically a yo, k2tog repeat for that goes on forever.

Anyway – I took some photos before I ripped it so here goes:

Shipwreck shawl, knit by Eddie's Room,

Shipwreck shawl, knit by Eddie's Room,


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  1. Ilana Hopwood

    Good post Eddie, I was playing with the idea of making those cute hexapuffs myself-well done for starting- it is such a big commitment but an excellent way for destashing those sock yarn left overs! paper dolls is also on my list- absolutely love your choice of colors 🙂 a shame about about shipwreck though – looks lovely what you've knitted so far.. I xx