Miners in Lancashire

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This is a little collection of the English miners in my husbands family. I have made a short summery of what I know about them and their job and I hope to be able to add to this with your help.

He is living in Ince in Makerfield, Wigan – I wonder what is the most likely mine he would be working in?

In 1881 he is a “Fire Dampman in Coal Mine”
In 1891 he is just a ‘coal miner’
In 1901 he is a ‘Coal Miner Hewer’

I need to figure out what these job title’s cover.

His sons John Cunliffe (1884-1965) and William Cunliffe (1878 – ?) also go on to be a coal miners.
James lives in Warrington Road and then later Knowles Street – I wonder is any of these streets were connected to the mining industry?

Lived on Lord Street in Hindley, Wigan
In 1891 he was a coal miner
I am trying to figure out which mine he was likely to have worked in.

In 1881 he was a coal miner in Westleigh p, Leigh d
He first lived on Kirk Hall Lane and later on Briggs Street
I am trying to figure out which mine he was likely to have worked in.

He was also a coal miner in 1881 where he lived at Higher Hall in Westleigh – probably worked in the same mine too!

Again more questions than answers so if you know anything that can help do let me know in the comments or via email.


P.S. I just stumbled upon the Coalmining History Resource Centre so I will do an update on this once I have checked if they have anything useful.