This page contains information about my dissertation for my MSc in Archaeological Computing at University of Southampton. I have been contemplating taken the original website developed for the project down as much of the functionality was deprecated and the links broken. But for now I will leave it there as a sentimental reminder. If you are curious – check it out! It comes with an accessibility report too (see downloads below)
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Heritage Portals are in this dissertation defined as deep portals which can give access to external resource contents. This dissertation has developed such a portal which accesses the Swedish SMR, FMIS and the ARK system developed by L – P : Archaeology through web services.

The development of the web Service for the ARK system was done as a part of this project combined with the creating of a WFS web-mapping service serving the spatial part of the dataset collected as a part of the Sintana project. The textual part of this dataset has been incorporated into an ARK system in the same way that the Portus project dataset was. Both these projects are available through the ARK web service.

The portal accessed the FMIS and ARK web service and re-maps the XML output to Midas standard formatted XML and combined them. This allows the portal to do a cross-search of the two datasets and return the data as one combined Midas formatted XML file. On the dissertation web-site it is also possible to view all the data output as HTML styles according to the web-site design.

Finally the dissertation reviews the theory and history behind data interoperability in Europe and discusses issues like data sharing, interoperability solutions, language and standards. Other interoperability solutions like ARENA, HEIRPORT, FMIS and Heritage Gateway are presented and their solutions compared against the ones chosen for this project.

The Sintana project

Is just a short title for my bachelor project in Prehistoric Archaeology at Aarhus Universitet, Denmark which has a much longer title:

‘Reflections on culture connections – Examining connections between South Scandinavia and the Sîntana de Mures/?ernjachov culture from AD 270-410 (Periods C2 to D1)’

or originally in Danish:

‘Vurdering af de mulige forbindelser mellem Sydskandinavien og Sîntana de Mures/Cernjachovkulturen’

The Sîntana de Mures/?ernjachov culture and the Wielbark culture
The Sîntana de Mures/Cernjachov culture and the Wielbark culture.

The purpose of this assignment is to examine the possible cultural connections between South Scandinavia and the Sîntana de Mures/Èernjachov culture where the latter is known in the period C2 to D1 (corresponding to AD 270-410).
It is clear that there are cultural connections present between South Scandinavia and the Wielbark
culture in North Poland in the late roman iron age. The migration from the Wielbark culture to the area north of the Black Sea, creating the Sîntana de Mures/Èernjachov cultures is also reasonably evident, and both cultures can be associated with the Goths known from literary sources.
The archaeological sources that have been examined, such as facet cut-glass, iron combs and rosette fibulas, also clearly show cultural connections. But again the problem is to determine, how the connections have taken place.
In the assignment the three central schools of archaeology are presented with each their interpretations of cultural connection. I attach importance to an individualized interpretation. But in the end the archaeological sources aren’t significant enough, to make any assumption about what kind of cultural connections have taken place.

Read the online version of the article in LAG (in English):
Reflections on Cultural Connections

Olsen, Henriette Roued (2007) Reflections on culture connections – Examining connections between South Scandinavia and the Sîntana de Mures / Çernjachov culture from AD 270-410 (Period C2 to D1). LAG 8, Hikuin, Højbjerg.

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The full dissertation report
DissertationThe full report I wrote for my MSc dissertation at the Archaeological Computing Research Group (ACRG) at University of Southampton, with supervisor Graeme Earl (@GraemeEarl).

Download the dissertation here!

Roued Olsen, Henriette (2007) Heritage Portals and Cross-Border Data Interoperability. MSc dissertation in Archaeological Computing, School of Humanities, University of Southampton.


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