My Great Grandmother’s Caramel Cake

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This is a recipe for a caramel cake which has been passed down from my Great Grandmother to my Grandmother to my mother to me. The salty butter caramel for the butter cream is one I learnt to make from a French friend.


450ml sugar
100ml cream
250g soft butter
350g flour
4 tsp baking powder
4 eggs

200ml sugar
250g butter
200ml cream
1 tsp sea salt
200g icing sugar

1. Make caramel sirup from 200ml sugar and 400ml water by mixing it in a pot and melting the sugar on medium heat. Turn up the heat and leave it to rocket boil till it has thickened and has a light red golden colour. This takes approximately 20 min. Take off heat and whisk in the cream. Leave to cool.


2. Mix the rest of the sugar with the soft butter and whisk in eggs one at a time. Mix in flour with added baking powder.

3. Fold in the caramel and divide into two forms. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius or the equivalent for your oven for 30min.


Salty butter caramel cream
1. Add sugar to a pot and mix with a small amount of water just enough water to make sure all the sugar is moist but not enough to cover the sugar in water. Approx. 1-2 tbsp.

2. Melt sugar at medium heat and turn up to allow the sirup to rocket boil for 15 min till red golden. Keep a good eye on it as it will stay clear for long and then all of a sudden turn into caramel. It can just as quickly burn.

3. Take pot of heat and whisk in first 100 g butter and then cream. But back on medium to low heat for 10 min while stirring so that the caramel sauce thickens. Taste with salt till you are satisfied.  I like mine quite salty for caramrl saice but that’s personal preference. For this recipe I don’t make it too salty.
Leave to cool down.


4. Mix a butter cream with 150g soft butter and icing sugar.


Use a quarter of the cream as  sandwich filling between the cakes placing them top against top. Use the test of the cream to cover the cake.  My sister made the gorgeous caramel decoration and we served it last night on my Grandmother’s old glass plate.


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  2. Eddie's Room

    Thank you Ilana 🙂 Let me know how it turns out. Mine seemed a little dry and heavy before I put it together with the cream – but it tasted lovely. – I am going to give it another shot for John's birthday

  3. Ilana Hopwood

    Thanks for that Eddie ! Sounds like a fantastic cake and am going to try that xx

  4. Eddie's Room

    Here is the recipe I promised for my Great Grandmother's caramel cake with a Salty Butter Caramel cream filling I improvised.
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