My new old camera

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When I came back from the conference in the US my husband had been to the car-boot sale with his mate and surprised me with a 1930s No. 2 Brownie model F.

IMG_2768He was motivated but he fact that I have decided to take up black/white photography and development again. I used to do this when I was younger than I am now. Because it is at least 8 years since I have last been in a darkroom I decided to take up the Media Workshop’s offer of a quick course in darkroom use.
There I was pointed towards City Photographics, an independent photo retailer at Bedford place. Here I bought a 120 medium format film and was shown how to put it in the camera correctly.
I also found the old manual for the camera free online. Without this I would not have been able to take any photos at all.
This week I had my in-laws visiting and I used the opportunity to take loads of portraits of them with both the Brownie and a 35mm camera.
So now all that remains to be seen is whether any of the portraits I took with the Brownie are good or if it even works. I will have to develop them and see. I am so excited!

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