Strawberry, gooseberry and redcurrant liqueur

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After having to throw away my last batch of fruit liqueur in December, because it had gone moldy, I was quite distraught. The problem was that I had in my naivety added to much water to the mixture.
Anyway, not one to make the same mistake twice I decided to make some more and only add the minimum of sugar-water. This time I made: strawberry liqueur, gooseberry liqueur, redcurrant liqueur and licorice liqueur. The recipe is as follows for the fruit liqueur:

1. Clean the fruit .
2. Buy some cheap vodka (yes they will look strangely at you in the off-license when you ask for three bottles of their cheapest vodka).
3. Add the fruit to a jar/bottle and cover with vodka.
4. Leave in cool place for about a week or if you forget it just leave it longer.
5. Filter the fruit of with a sieve and then filter the now coloured liquid with a coffee filter (or piece of muslin cloth) just to remove bits and pieces.
6. Mix some sugar into boiling water (whatever way suits you). Probably about 200-250g sugar to 1 liter of water like in the original Lemoncello recipe. Add the sugar-water to the vodka at the rate of 2 vodka to 1 sugar-water. Just enough to make the mixture a little sweet and not pure vodka. But not so much that it goes moldy after a couple of months. Of course you can also drink it fast and then you won’t encounter this problem.
7. Leave it for about a month to settle and then enjoy!