New Christmas / Advent Calenders

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A couple of years ago I took out my old advent calender and sewed 24 small bags for it. We filled the bags with parts of a bigger Lego set we had bought and took turns opening the bags and building from where we got to in the instructions. We have done this for a couple of years now just the two of us.


But now there is Bess. I wanted her to have her own calender and with a little help from my very skilled sister it was finished just in time. I had bought her some Lego Duplo to fill the bags with. However, all those bags were a bit much for her and didn’t look nice as you couldn’t see the calender, so I am only putting one on a day.


I also got a new German calender. This year it has little recipes but next year I want to do something with notes and drawings to each other.