Off to see the Lion Locomotive

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Yesterday it was my mother-in-laws birthday and she wanted to go and see the Lion Locomotive at Liverpool Museum.
In 1980 the Lion took part in the 150th anniversary celebrations of Liverpool and Manchester Railways at Rainhill where my mother-in-laws father Albert Ramsdale drove it. I want to write a bit more about this and what he thought about it (there are several newspaper articles about him and the event) at a later time. But for now here are some photos and the program that my mother-in-law had lying around.

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  1. Sarah Head

    Lovely to find someone else who has links with this event. My husband and I travelled from Birmingham to be at the Rainhill trials and I still have a bookmark from that time. I loved Lion, which starred in the film “The Titfield Thunderbolt” one of the wonderful Ealing Comedies. I saw Lion again at the National Railway Museum in York and didn’t realise it had moved home to Liverpool.