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Super Sock Calculator

An online calculator for toe-up (magic cast-on), short-row heels, two at a time socks. You can read more about these types of socks in this post: 4 tips for easy sock knitting. 

The pattern in on too! The hashtag for this pattern is #SuperSockCalculator.

I have pre-filled the form with the gauge (26) I use for the Koigu Painter’s Palette Premium Merino (KPPPM) and 3mm (US 2.5) needles used in the videos. Please change the measurements and gauge to fit your own project. If you have any trouble understanding how to use the calculator, please view the first video below

the pdf version

If you want a paper copy of the pattern, then print the pdf version and add the numbers A, B and C, below, in their respective places. 

numbers for the pdf version

the online version – with videos


Go to the Super Sock Calculator and input your measurements or use the predefined measurements in the dropdown box.

Casting on at the toe:

You begin Judy’s magic cast-on with ? stitches on each needle and continue to work increases till you reach ? stitches on each needle.


Turning the heel:

Once you have knit ? from the tip of the toes it is time to turn the heel. Here I use shadow wrap short-rows, but you can use any other type of short-rows too. You work the heel on half of the stitches only (the ones on one needle). Knit the short-rows till you have ? stitches left in the center. They you pick up the stitches again till you reach the full ? stitches.

For speed I usually turn each heel separately and then pick up the remaining half of the stitches as it fits into the magic-loop method.

Finishing off:

Now continue upwards till you reach your desired length, run out of yarn or just get fed up. It is a good idea to begin ribbing at least 2.5cm (1 inch) from the top. Cast-off using your favourite elastic cast-off.


Super Sock Calculator by Eddie's Room,

Tech notice: You will find various versions of these calculations around the internet and in different books and magasines. But here I have attempted to build a little calculator, specifically for toe-up, short-row heel socks, into which you can put your own measurements and gauge or choose one of the predefined sock sizes based on the Craft Yarn Council’s Foot Size Chart. *For those of a technical persuasion, it is actually an AJAX based WordPress plugin, which I hope to adapt to other knitting patterns.* I am also making a list with other knitted sock calculators over here

I am going to add some video’s to youtube on each tips as and when I get them done. So keep an eye on the blog or subscribe to the youtube channel to hear all about this. 

If you want to use this calculator as a designer you are more than welcome to. I would of course love if you would reference it and help spread the word. Also, come over and tell me about your design so I can see what you are making. 
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