Polka-dot fusion

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Trousers to skirt refashion by Eddie's Room, roued.com

What is all this about you might wonder. Well inspired by Oxfam’s new DIY fashion shop I decided to have a go myself.

My first project is the “polka dot skirt and linen trouser fusion”. I don’t know about you but linen trousers seem to me always to have this wonderful ability to completely disintegrate certain places. I had this wonderful brown pair that I had bought at Monsoon that were amazingly comfortable and there was nothing wrong with the top of the trousers.
I also happened to have this very nice skirt, red with white polka dots, which I was also very fond of. Unfortunately, I have not really been able to fit it the last 4 years and the zipper never did work. So I decided to fuse the two together and I am rather chuffed with the result.
Another added benefit of DIY fashion I found is that people tend to notice what you are wearing more. They ask questions because they are intrigued. Of course they could also be horrified, but if so they keep quiet about it because I have only ever had very positive remarks when wearing this skirt.


1. As this is assembled in triangular shapes you need to first cat the skirt into 4 trapezoid / triangular shapes. If you want to reuse the bottom of the original skirt as a hem then cut this of first in one piece.
2. With the trousers you basically cut the sewed bits away on either side of the leg as far up as you want to add the skirt pieces depending on the original length of the skirt and the intended length of the new skirt you are making.
3. Decide where you want the triangular skirt material to sit with pins.
4. Pin the hem / bottom skirt piece and decide if you want want to adjust this. I originally wanted to make the skirt less flowy to accommodate for the rather narrowing hem piece. But when I pinned it on I liked the way it gathered the otherwise loose new skirt in – which gave it a whole new look!
5. Sew pieces together. You can easily do this on a sewing machine but if you don’t have one or are fast with your hand-sewing, you can like me use a coloured thread to add a hand sewn detail.