Printable animals from Munich Zoo – FREE giraffe colouring page

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Animals at Munich Zoo poster and colouring page - with a free download

This is a collection of illustrations I did after a visit with my daughter Bess to Munich Zoo. I love to draw in ink and create detailed black/white illustrations. You can either get this as a poster version with all 13 animals on it or some of the different animals on their own printable colouring page with fun facts on.

Once you have gone through the checkout you will have access to an instant download where you can access the poster and print it on the size paper you choose. You will need to have Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer installed on your computer. Adjust the settings in your printer program to make sure that the entire page is printed.

The poster version pdf contains a vector version of the drawing which will scale pretty large. Buy this version if you would like to print this drawing on size A3 paper or larger.

The colouring page versions contain a lower resolution PDF that will only print nicely on A4 and US Letter size paper.

FREE VERSION: I am giving away the colouring page version of the giraffe for free. Just check the box for the free version and go through checkout. You don’t have to make any other purchases to get this colouring page.

Copyright: John Roued-Cunliffe

You may not sell or give away these items for free.

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Diana Monkey

Fallow Deer

Florida Red Bellied Cooter



Green Tree Python

Hamadyras baboon




Red Junglefowl