Rainproof babycarrying

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Yesterday while it was raining I finished the rainproof cover for our jackets to wear while Bess is in the sling. One side is waterproof the other is soft wool fleece. It has velcro down the sides to fit right onto our jackets.
Here are some pictures of how I did.

First I got some rainproof fabric, some wool fleece, 2 thingies ( can’t remember what they are called but its the two black ones on the picture) and some elastic.
I measured out a piece of each fabric at about 52 x 67 cm and sewed them together along the long edge leaving 3 cm free in one end for the elastic opening.


I adden fold over elastic and an elastic strap in both ends and velcro along the sides. It can be used on both female and male jackets with velcro this way.


John tested it and it works great. Now I’ll just wait for a rainy day to go for a walk.

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  1. Heidi

    Love the idea – wish I had one but most of the time I’m out with the baby I have him in the pram….as he is 10 kg already.  Hope you’ve find the time to test it.

    • EddieDuckling

      Thanks Heidi,
      Wow is he 10kg already – cool! They do grow fast 🙂
      Eddie xx