Rare Breed: Red Silk and Khaki Cashmere Sweater Yarn

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red silk and khaki cashmere sweater yarn

‘Hi, I’m 30g or 100m of rare breed yarn. My mom was red silk and dad was a khaki cashmere sweater, Oh, and I’m 16 strands per inch making me the perfect 3-ply yarn’

close-up of red silk and khaki cashmere sweater yarn

See what my siblings have to say for themselves:
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  1. Fun with colours

    […] So today I mixed two types of red cotton that I had and knit a sample square and I did the same to a light teal cashmere and a light blue Ramie/Silk mix. In a way this mixing of colours and fibres reminds me of some experimental yarns I made last year under the name of Rare Breed yarns on Grey Duckling. I really liked the Green merino / undyed soya mix and the red silk / khaki cashmere mix.  […]