Refashioned cross-stitch bag

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I love this bag tutorial from Sew Much Ado. Actually it is a diaper bag tutorial and I did make one of these as a diaper bag a year ago. We used it a lot during Bess’ first 6 months and it was worn to bits when I threw it away not long ago.

A while back I thrifted this cool cross-stitch piece above. I am a big fan of kitsch cross-stitch pieces, especially if they can be used for something neat like Frederique Morrels amazing sofas and other pieces (I still have a dream that one day I will upholster a sofa or chair with my Grandmother’s cross-stitch pieces).

I used this as a chance to refashion another two items. A wool skirt that had felted too much and thus become a bit tight and a blouse I had grown tired of.

Here are a few images of the final bag. I am loving but there are a few changes I want to make once I get to my sewing machine again. I would like to make the pockets on the inside a bit better and I want to change the flowery fabric on the straps for something else.
Maybe I should just have a look around the thrift shops in Munich for some new pieces for a new bag instead and leave this one as it is. I have yet to decide.

3 Responses

  1. Ella Farcas

    what a lovely bag you created. 🙂 I love these types of refashions where you get to use more than a piece of garment fabric, they are more efficient.

  2. roued

    Great Idea with the leather!

  3. Helene

    I love how you’ve combined the tweed and kitschy cross-stich. Maybe some leather straps instead? Then you would have all the good materials together in one bag!