True refashionista book

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I just wanted to share this wonderful book with all of you which I stumbled upon at the library. Its called “Sy børnetøj af nyt og gammelt” – translated that becomes “Sew children’s clothes from new and old”.
Its a pregnant refashionista’s dream book – I tell you!
On the pages below you see how Lone Villaume and Hanne Aamand give you ideas as to how you can cut out the pattern pieces from a grown up sweater to make a baby suite. Granted its from 1990 but with a bit of imagination you can easily use it to make something that would look cool even today.
I definitely can’t wait to get started as I have quite a few sweatshirts and t-shirts which I want to refashion.

I also wanted to share this picture of how masses of young birds are having fun in my mothers bird bath. I can’t remember what kind of bird John said it was. Do you know?