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I am once again doing a lecture on the wonder of XML for the Digital Resources in Humanities course at UCL. The lecture is called: ‘Wow, it’s XML! and this post is an update of the post from last years class.

You should also have a look at the post on using the Flickr API and of course the post where the photos themselves are displayed with the help of SimpleViewer.

Essential Websites

eSAD – e-Science and Ancient Documents:

Vindolanda –

VTO – Vindolanda Tablets Online:

VTO2 – Vindolanda Tablets Online II:

EpiDoc – Epigraphical Documents in TEI:

Contextual encoding

Hippisley, D. (2005) “Encoding the Vindolanda tablets: an investigation in contextual encoding using XML and the EpiDoc standards.” MA Dissertation submitted for the MA in Electronic Communication and Publishing, School of Library, Archive and Information Studies, UCL.

RESTful Web Services

Abeysinghe, S. 2008. RESTful PHP Web Services, Birmingham: PACKT Publishing

Fielding, R. T. 2000. Architecture Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures,

Richardson, L.  and Ruby, S. 2007. RESTful Web Services, Cambridge: O’Reilly

Spies, B. 2008. Web Services, Part 1: SOAP vs. REST (25.11.09)


Some of these publications are available via the eSAD website

Roued-Cunliffe, H. 2010. Towards a Decision Support System for Reading Ancient Documents, Literary and Linguistics Computing, doi: 10.1093/llc/fqq020

Olsen, H. R. , Tarte, S. , Terras, M. , Brady, M. and Bowman, A. K. 2009. Towards an Interpretation Support System for Reading Ancient Documents, Digital Humanities Conference 2009

Tarte, S. 2010. Papyroligical Investigations: Transferring Perception and Interpretation into the Digital World, Literary and Linguistics Computing – forthcoming,

Tarte, S. , Brady, M. , Olsen, H. R. , Terras, M. and Bowman, A. K. 2008c. Image acquisition & analysis to enhance the legibility of ancient textsE-Science All Hands Meeting 2008

Terras, M. 2006. Image to Interpretation. An Intelligent System to Aid Historians in Reading the Vindolanda Texts, Oxford University Press

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