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I did my first web service using SOAP all the time being aware that RESTful would be an easier and probabply also faster solution. However, when I did my first web service there was not a lot out on RESTful web services yet so I kept on pulling my hair out over the SOA protocol.

Now a couple of years have passed and there seems to be much more information out there on RESTful web services so I wil give it another try. My agenda is has also changed. Before I was building a web service for my MSc project and it was my first go at anything like that so I needed a lot of documentation (not that there was a lot on SOAP either) however, now my agenda is to see how easy/difficult it is to build your own web service since I want to try and get more people making their own for their own data resources.

For now I have found a pretty nice slideshow on RESTful by John Cowan which I find has a nice and easy way of explaining it all and the main differences with SOAP.