Retro crocheted bridal gloves

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I have been in love with the idea of having a couple of retro crochet gloves for a long time but all the gloves me and my friend ever looked at where way to small for our working class hands. So what can a girl do.

Well she can make some herself. I had actually begun to make some gloves myself with a very simple square pattern. Unfortunately, I had begun from the fingers working my way down so that I was left with 10 fingers without knowing what to do next. Funny enough someone in my knitting group was also crocheting gloves and she pointed me to the Hook Yarn and Needles page where I found some great patterns for just this. So I finished of my pink gloves with inspiration from the Smart Crocheted Gloves. They did turn out a bit funny because I began from the fingers down instead of the wrist up.

By now I had fallen in love with the Sunlight Gloves. They where sophisticated and elegant and I thought that if I could make them in the right yarn they would be perfect for my upcoming nuptials. But it was so difficult to find the right yarn specially since I did not understand the yarn type and hook sizes in the pattern. But I had a go with a hook size 1mm and some natural cotton crochet yarn size 20 and I think the result it quite good. I will definitely be wearing them on my big day and hopefully they can become a family heirloom.



The pattern is fairly easy to follow. Where I thought it needed a bit more explaining was when it came to making the fingers but I guess there is a lot of trial and error in that trying to make it fit the individual. I think I redid the opening for the thumb 15 times before I was satisfied. Also with the first round of chains at the wrist I found that with my yarn and hook I had to make the chain a bit longer otherwise in scrunched up when I added the pattern.
As a final extra, I did wear these lovely gloves at my wedding. It was a wonderful day and I an sad to say that I only wore them for about 30 min during the ceremony. When we got to the exchanging of rings I took them of, gave them to a bridesmaid and completely forgot all about them. However, the good thing is that they are very flexible and any friends or family who want to wear them for their own wedding can do so.

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    These are beautiful. You always think about long gloves that go up past your elbows – these are elegant as well and can be used with so many dress styles. Thanks for share this with us.

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