Return of the bog people

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‘Bog people’ is a horror movie from 2003 (although I was convinced when I saw it in 2004 that it was from the 80s). Its a really bad film! Lets just get that straight. I have no idea why I watched it but I am glad I did. It has prepared me for my current job.
I now know that if ‘our’ bog people come to life we shouldn’t split up like the archaeologists in the movie. Rookie mistake!


So what do I mean by ‘our’ bog people. Well I am an archaeologist by trade and I have just this week gone back to digging for the first time in a few years. We are at Alken Enge (translated to Alken Wetlands) where we are excavating and hoping to find more human skeletal material from what we think is a sacrificed Iron Age army.
It was this article from Reuters ‘Archaeologists dig up bog army bones in Denmark’ that made me think of the bog people movie again.