Review: Knitted Dolls

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Knitted Dolls by Arne & Carlos - reviewed by Eddie's RoomKnitted Dolls
Arne & Carlos, 2012
Search Press

English version

It’s easy to tell that this book stems from a deep love for dolls and dollhouses, not just for children but also for adults. However, even though dolls may not be your thing (I must admit that I left dolls behind a long time ago, even though I still have a great fascination of dolls houses like the amazing Titanias Palace which used to be on display in Legoland but is now at Egeskov Museum) this book may still has something for you. You may have a child in your life who would love a knitted doll or you may be a clothes/pattern designer with a small one-person company. Arne and Carlos mention how they use dolls as models for miniature versions of their designs as a clever way to test ideas before creating an adult size garment. As you might have seen, I have been doing something similar to test my knitting calculations using my daughters doll, Lily, so this is something that really relates to me. As a result I got quite hooked on the book. I love the two dolls they have made of themselves and am thinking of doing something similar for my own family. Now I am looking forward to their Knit and Crochet Garden book.

I am still in the middle of knitting my own version of Arne and Carlos’ doll, but I couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about the book. Here is a photo of my progress so far. I had some issues with the heel and there is a corrections page available via the Search Press page.

Knitted doll

The book is available in many European local yarn shops in different European languages.

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