Eddie’s rye bread

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It is becoming increasingly easier to buy good rye bread in the UK. Most bigger super markets have a range now which consists of more interesting rye bread than before. However, I still think home baked is really great and since we now have a bread machine at home I thought I’d give it a try.
I was so lucky to find that Christian has written the instructions for this on his blog and I will try to rewrite this recipe in English while maybe adding a few tips of my own.

425g warm (not hot) water
500g Amo rye bread mix
13g dry yeast or 25g fresh

The water must have a temperature which your little finger feels comfortable in (not too hot and not too cold).
The bread mix can now be bought in the UK and this is a great chance to promote the great places where it can be bought (only two). The first one is available all year round in the shop and cafe Scandinavian Kitchen in London. The other is the fantastic Danish Christmas Bazaar which is being held this weekend 29th – 30th November 2008 at the Danish YWCA also in London.
While in Denmark it is very normal to buy and use fresh yeast I have not seen it on sale in the UK (except for at the Scandinavian Kitchen) but luckily dry yeast works fine too.

1. Place the ingredients in your baking machine in the order above.
2. If you have a rye bread setting (I don’t) put it to that otherwise use the normal white bread setting (not rapid)
3. Set it to the dark crust
4. As a kg bread mix will make a 1.6kg bread I suggest setting the weight on the machine to 700-800g.
5. Turn on the machine and let it works it’s magic.
6. When the bread is done fish out the hook and let it cool down for half an hour in a damp cloth to allow the crust to be more soft.

Good Luck!