So long… so long

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So long
About 2-3 years ago I decided I wanted a real challenge with my tablet weaving. I had already tried out free-style weaving and fairly complicated patterned weaving as you can see in the posts from about that time. Now I wanted to make something really Viking like that I could use as an edge for a Viking coat I was going to make for myself. I had already bought the outer wool and the inner linen for the coat in Sweden. So I set up an about 5m (if not longer) pattern in blues and cream which was supposed to follow the pattern called Shadow Weave by Guntram. The turning sequence is a bit complicated as some parts go forward and some parts go backwards.


Even so, it was not the actual weaving which resulted in me standing here several years later not really having got anywhere with this pattern. It was more the fact that I had setup so long a weave without some sort of loom. I had tried using these turning hooks at the other end (bought in a fishing supply shop) which made it possible to un-tangle the thread once in a while. Unfortunately, The whole thing was just to long to handle and some threads became looser than others so I gave up for a while.
So long left!
However, now I am back! I have decided that I must finish it very soon so I can begin doing fun things with my cards again. I want to go some more double-face free-style patterns and letters. It just makes such a good present like the one for Maria (the post about letters). She still uses it as a key chain!