Some more Baldwins in Adlington

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Continuing the search for the Baldwins I got a tip off about Thomas Baldwin and Mary Ann Longton being in Coppull in the 1911 census so I headed over there and found them living at Holland st. in Coppull. With the same tip off, I found him with what I assumed were his parents Joseph and Jane in 1891 in Adlington. However, I could not be sure of this until I found out that they and their children moved to Coppull in time for the 1911 census. When I saw this I decided that it made it very likely that Thomas was actually their son. If I get my hands on either the parish record or certificate of Thomas’ marriage to Mary Ann Longton this will confirm or break the theory but till then I will trust this reasoning process.

I have located Thomas’ siblings through a combination of the census and Lancashire BMD and through the latter I have also found their mother Jane’s maiden name which is Saywell.

Jane Saywell is born in 1855 in Great Milton, Oxfordshire and her husband Joseph Baldwin is born 1855 in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire. This is the long list of their children:

  1. 1875: Joseph
  2. 1876: Stephen James
  3. 1878: Alice
  4. 1880: Mary Jane
  5. 1881: Ellen
  6. 1883: Arthur
  7. 1885: Thomas
  8. 1888: Minnie
  9. 1890: Elizabeth Ann (also known as Annie?)
  10. 1892: William
  11. 1894: Frank
  12. 1896: Henry
  13. 1898: Emily
  14. 1901: John

14 all in all and as far as I can see none that died in infancy. In the BMD I find that the eldest Joseph was born in Milton, Oxfordshire like his mother. This could mean that Joseph and Jane met in Milton and were married in Milton. The second son Stephen James was born in Pemberton, Wigan which we could take to mean that the family moved up to Lancashire in 1875 or 1876. There is a good concentration of Baldwins and also a couple of Saywell’s in Pemberton according to the parish records. Might they be family, which encouraged them to come up north. It is likely theory I feel.

The third child, Alice, was born in 1878 in Adlington as are all the remaining children. The parish records for this period are available for the local churches in Adlington but even so I have not been able to find any mention of Baldwin in neither the baptism, marriage or burial records. I did a countywide search and came up with one of the younger children, Frank (1894-), who was baptised in All Saints, Wigan. The record told us that the family were still living in Adlington. So why was Frank baptised in Wigan? Might there again be a family connection. There are quite a few other Baldwins and one or two Saywells in the All Saints records too but I have not been able to find records of any more of these children.

As for Joseph‘s work the census and the record of Frank’s baptism tell the story to an extent. The 1881 census tell us that Joseph is a shepherd living on Common End, Adlington. In 1891 and 1894 he is recorded as a Farm Bailiff living at Gardners House, Adlington.

A farm bailiff is someone who “made sure a tenant farmer ran the farm properly and was paying the rent on time” according to Hall’s occupation name index. He would basically be the foreman of a larger farm and the reference to Gardners’ house is probably a house on the grounds of this larger farm where Joseph lived with his family. As they lived at Common End in 1881 it is not a far leap to assume that he was already there working as shepherd for Adlington Hall and from there on to think that this is also where Joseph was a farm bailiff in the 1890s living in the Gardners House. Adlington Hall was from 1886 owned by the Dawbeny family but was bought by the Wigan Corporation in 1921 and demolished in 1960s. The only thing remaining is two lodge houses and twin Pillars standing at the entrance to Adlington Hall Park. (see more on Adlington Lancashire Early History)

Family memory only tells us that he is a farmer and we are not aware of his occupation when the family moved to Coppull between 1901 and 1911, but we know that Thomas is a farmer. We also know that Thomas was a teamsman on a farm in Adlington in 1901. From the 1901 census we can see that older brother, Arthur, was a Cattleman on farm. Older sister, Alice (age 23), was a Frame Tenter In Cotton Factory, which meant that she tended a cotton spinning machine. She was probably working in one of three spinners in Adlington at the time: Thomas Gerrard and Son, Limited, Adlington Mill , Thomas Middleton and Co, Springfield Mill , or J. Unsworth and Brothers, Brook Mill.

Despite the close proximity to Adlington Old School the Baldwin children are more likely to have gone to school in the 1880s and 1890s in the National School on Park road. We know that it is likely that the Baldwin children went to school in Adlington as the eldest Joseph in listed in 1881 (age 6) as a scholar.

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