Sønderby in Grindsted – a geographical overview

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The Sønderby area south of Grindsted is the area where my Grandfather’s Grandmother Kirsten Marie Øhlenschlæger was born and lived during her childhood. She was born in 1870 as the 4th out of 5 children, but the youngest to survive.
I wanted to have a geographical overview of the place where she spent her childhood and I was very lucky that the local archive had published online a history of the farms and houses of the parish. This contains details of each parcel of land (matrikel or matr.), who owned it and when. Combined with the national mapping services “Danmark før og nu” (historic maps) and “Matrikelkort” I was able to identify what farms there where in the local area and who lived there and when, while adding this to my own interactive Google map with the new Mapengine (see map below).
For someone like me who loves maps and who needs visualisations like this in order to understand history this is a powerful tool and one I hope other genealogists may like to try out. It won’t be the last time I use this method to understand my ancestors and their lives.