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A couple of years ago I started-up the Refashion Co-op together with a group of editors. Over time we have had around 500 contributors come and some are gone again as we can only have 100 bloggers attached to the Blogger site at any one time. We have now reached nearly 3000 posts and have in the mean time become quite a resource on refashioning. However, there are some things about the Refashion Co-op setup I am not too happy with as a Digital Humanist and data geek. You simply can’t find anything on it. Want to search for cool dress refashions? Well you can’t! The search functionality provided by Blogger (Google ironically enough) is rubbish. So I’m on a mission. I want to extract, sort and display the blog posts in a different way. My qualifications? Well I did something similar for the Latin tablets from Vindolanda. So where to start?

Dress refashion round-up by Eddie's Room,

Well let me start by saying that I won’t be using XML and building a web service this time around and I want to use an existing social media platform instead. I want to use Pinterest. According to the stats we get most of our trafic from Google and Pinterest and Pinterest is becoming the number 1 go to place for visual and creative content. It also has a super layout which is very visually appealing. So what’s my strategy?

  1. Do a simple search in the blog backend for ‘dress’ (937 posts and counting)
  2. Go through and view the ones that sound promising
  3. If they have content that will inspire dress refashions (this is an editorial decision – meaning I’m the boss muahaha!!) I pin them using the hashtag #DressRefashion and some of the other more detailed hashtags: #Dress2DressRefashion, #Trousers2DressRefashion, #Skirt2DressRefashion, #Top2DressRefashion, #Dress2SkirtRefashion, #Dress2TopRefashion to a special edited dress refashion board.
  4. If they are just related to dress refashions I label them with the #DressRefashions label so that others can find them in the future.
  5. And when I’ve done all this I can use it to write a resources page for the Refashion Co-op and finish my own post about the best dress refashion tutorials (which I hope to discover during this process).

Do you still want to add your own tutorial or refashions? Well you can! Ask me for an invitation to join the group Pinterest board for dress refashions or add your tutorial to the link collection here and go grab the badge :-) Please keep your links and pins relevant or they will be deleted.

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  1. Erica Louise

    I agree with you, its not too user friendly for finding articles, a very time consuming job you are doing here, thank you Eddie.