Spiced apple drink

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Find some real apple juice (preferably non-concentrate) and pour in a pan on the stove. Add a selection of the following whole spices depending on your preference:
Heat up but don’t boil. If this is the first time with this batch then leave warm of the heat for half an hour and then re-heat it without boiling. Use a sieve to pour the apple juice into a mug without the spices.

Then what I do is take a jam jar and put the spices in it together with a bit of left over juice and store it in the fridge. Then when I next want some I just pop this into the pan and fill up with juice. This time around it should be enough to just warm it up and put the spices back into the jar since a bit of the juice has already been soaking for a while.


Warning though: do not let the jam jar with spices stay in your fridge till June next year – it is pretty nasty to clean. I talk from experience.