Do you have an item that you are dying to knit but you just can’t find the right pattern? You might have a very clear idea in your head on how you want it to look. But you just don’t know where to begin. You have come to the right place.
Suggest a pattern in the comment section below and tell me the following and I will let you know whether I am able to design this pattern:

  • What item do you want to knit? (cardigan, gloves, laptop sleeve, egg cozy)
  • What thickness yarn do you want to knit this item with? (lace, fingering, DK, worsted, aran, bulky)
  • What needle size do you prefer to knit with? (3mm, US 6) – I prefer to design with circular needles and will claim that you can knit practically anything with circular needles.
  • What size item do you want to knit? (10 x 15 cm / inches, US women’s size 8, 6 month baby, large size egg)
  • Are you looking to add any particular notions? (buttons, ribbon, zipper)

Lepidina Kerchief by Eddie's Room
Disclaimer: I own the copyright of any pattern I design. It is up to my discretion whether I wish to sell the pattern or give it away for free. If I put the pattern for sale you will have to buy a copy along with everyone else, unless you sign up to do a test-knit of the pattern for me. If I do make a pattern based on an idea you have submitted I will post about the progress here and on the different social media channels. I hope that throughout this you will help me by sharing this and finally that you will help me sell the pattern once it is ready. Please only submit your own ideas and please don’t ask me to design something based on someone else’s design. 

If you need help with a knitting technique then I have quite a few videos of knitting how-to’s available on my Youtube channel!