Fun with colours

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So what have I been up to today craft wise. Well I tell you – life is catching up on me so I didn’t really have time for much, but I did sit down for 15 min and have a look at a new fun little idea of something to do with all this yarn I have been making. 

As you may have notices of over the last couple of weeks – I do frog a lot of sweaters to get to the yarn so that I can reuse it. But today I finally got to some of the less fun colours. I already have some colours that I plan to dye but some are too dark for this. So I thought how about mixing two colours. 1) I get a thicker yarn and 2) I get more fun yarn. Because let’s face it most sweaters/blouses these days are not exactly made out of fun yarn. Also, since I go through all this trouble of making recycled yarn I might as well add my own little stamp on it. 

So today I mixed two types of red cotton that I had and knit a sample square and I did the same to a light teal cashmere and a light blue Ramie/Silk mix. In a way this mixing of colours and fibres reminds me of some experimental yarns I made last year under the name of Rare Breed yarns on Grey Duckling. I really liked the Green merino / undyed soya mix and the red silk / khaki cashmere mix. 

I really like the result and I may have some more fun with this tomorrow.