Refashion Co-op and my Valentines card

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Today I am very busy with my first ever shift as editor on the new Refashion Co-op blog so instead of showing you what I did today I will instead show you the Valentines card my dear husband made and gave me the other day.

Are you interested in refashioning clothes? Here is an extract from a post I wrote about the launch of Refashion Co-op this morning:

“This Monday (Valentines day for an easy to remember blog anniversary) I and 6 other wonderful women launched the Refashion Co-op. I want to share with you today a little about each of these women and their blogs but first I want to tell you that: WE NEED YOU! Ok that was more yelling than telling. But it’s true. We started the Refashion Co-op as a network and a place to get inspiration. But without YOU contributing your refashions or commenting and encouraging others in their refashions, well, it’s just not going to work.”


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